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2018 Grand Prize Announcement!

We are proud to announce that our official 2018 Grand Prize has officially been chosen!

Ocean Warfare has teamed up with H:Craft USA in order to offer the "Ultimate Skiff" to our overall 2018 point winner. The H:Skiff (by Hayaari Marine) has earned the title of being one of the best hybrid skiffs available in its class. This watercraft has perfectly created a new category between the stand up paddle board and a flats boat. Colliding features from both boat types, the H:Skiff brings you the perfect combination of fishability and functionality, presented in a very easy package to maintain.

How do you win?

We hold a separate tournament each month with two separate categories currently. "Rod and Reel" Fishing and "Freediving" Spearfishing. "Scuba" Spearfishing opens March 1st and a Freshwater division is also in the works. Each member is eligible to compete in any category they would like, but to be clear, each category is scored separately. You get a maximum of 5 species you are able to submit towards your point total each month. You are able to replace fish as the month plays out and you catch bigger fish than the ones previously submitted. The goal is to win as many months as possible (of course) throughout the year, which accumulates your overall total. To win the H:Skiff, we will take the totals of each category separately to find our winner. To clarify, we will not mix points submitted in different categories and combine them under your username. If you end up with 15k points in "Rod and Reel" and 5k in "Spearfishing", you do not end up with 20k total. We take your top single category total of 15k, and that's the number that will put you in the running.

We hope this helps explain the format so everyone has a fair chance to go after this incredible watercraft. We would like to thank H:Craft USA and Hayaari Marine for working with us to offer our members an amazing grand prize for first year of operation. We look forward to the some serious competition this year as you battle for all of our amazing prize packages and world wide recognition!

Please feel free to email us at Support@OceanWarfare.com with any further questions you may have about our league of tourmanemts or the race towards the H:Skiff.

Tight Lines,


H:Skiff Information Below:

LOA: 13′
Beam: 45″
Composite Hull
Integrated Engine Mount
Single Engine (1x 15HP)
Rigid Closed Cell Buoyancy Foam Through Hull Cavities
SS pop cleat
SS bow “D” Ring
Transom “D” Rind x2
Bow Storage Locker
Seat/Gas Rank Storage Option
Molded Anti-slip Surface Throughout Skiff
Rubbing Rail

Custom Colors
Custom Rod Holders
Alternative Seat

Mercury 15HP 2-Stroke
Yamaha 15HP 2-Stroke

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