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How to make the OW Top FIve!

Many of you have been competing at Ocean Warfare and many more are watching the action from the sidelines. We wanted to give you a few pointers on how the average joe can top the leaderboards in this very unique league of tournaments.

Ocean Warfare is very different from any other tournament option available in the industry. Our unique format makes it possible for anyone across the nation to compete and win! You are allowed five species per bag per division per monthly tournament. This makes it challenging for those who are great at targeting one specific species. This way, a single person that has one fish honed in can’t win each month with that fish alone.

Your goal is to submit five different species, and you can upgrade them throughout the month as many times as you can to work towards the best score possible. Those monster fish you often see that are usually most often targeted, usually don’t provide you with the highest amount of points. We wanted anglers and spearos to move outside of their comfort zone to target fish they have usually overlooked.

Our entire point system is based off a percentage of the current official IGFA world record or current Ocean Warfare record (whichever is greater). Most people chase world records of their favorite fish to target, so those more popular fish usually have more submissions than the less popular species. They also have larger world records. This is why a 60” Wahoo will score you less than a 14” Lionfish. The trick is to pick those less popular species and go after the big point earners. Here is the link to our point calculator so you can do some homework before planning you outing.

At the moment we have 4 different divisions and over 100 participating members. That means you have a 20% chance of landing in the Top Five (which is huge!). As we grow, we plan to increase our prize packages and include individual “challenges” per random species. We will slowly introduce new and challenging ways to win at Ocean Warfare, but this is a competition. You CAN win by producing ONE single quality outing, and we have proof of that in this tournament. Members who have fished several times throughout the month have lost to some who have produced a SINGLE SOLID DAY, so go out there and make the most of the opportunities you have to fish/spearfish.

In short, Do your homework and learn the system. YOU can compete and YOU can win!

We are always available to help you learn the system and help you work towards Ocean Warfare stardom! It is the intelligent competitor that wins on Ocean Warfare. Send us an email at, or reach out through the @OceanWarfare Instagram account if you would like to ask any questions about the format. We know there are hidden stars out there, and OW is here to find them.

Thank you all for reading this and we look forward to seeing you top the leaderboards here at Ocean Warfare!

Tight Lines,


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