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The Official Ocean Warfare Handicapping System

We have made it through eight solid months of competition here at OW, and we have spent that time heavily analyzing our process. Everything has worked out amazingly thus far and we could not be happier with the level of competition and camaraderie displayed throughout this tournament. That being said, we have also noticed that we haven’t quite yet perfected our format how it was originally mapped out.

Our goal from day one was to create a tournament for the entire United States to enjoy. We successfully created a point system which evenly balances out over 140 species of fish (so far), allowing the nation to compete together on one platform. What we have not yet perfected is balancing out real life situations that either benefit members, or hinder them. We understand that most of us don’t have the luxury of fishing/spearfishing more than once or twice a month, and that shouldn’t negatively affect your chances of topping the leaderboards. Also, some of our members don’t have the same access to quality fish as others and that shouldn’t hold you back from enjoying this competition and possibly winning one of our sponsored prize packages.

Starting August 1st, we will be implementing our own customized “Handicapping” system. Those of you who've played or understand golf may be familiar with the concept. During a tournament players of different skill levels are paired up against each other. Depending on their difference in skill it may be impossible to place them head to head fairly, so a handicap that is determined by each player’s average score prior to that event is used to even things out. That way, it's an even playing field and everyone can compete with a fair chance at winning. This system we're implementing won’t gift anyone a win either. Each player still has to perform well to win, but now you’re average scores will play a part in how much help you receive (via handicap). You have to do better than your everyday average to come up with a high enough score to win.

This system will challenge the pro level members to do more than just coast through each tournament and allows the average person to jump in and compete. Everyone will have a strong chance of winning and the more members we have submitting, the better this system will become. You no longer have to worry about having too much competition here. In fact, 1,000 members can actually boost averages drastically improving your chances to place well.

Give it a shot and dedicate a few months to this Nationwide league. We want this to be a fun way for the average person to compete in a well organized, friendly competition throughout the year. We guarantee you will get hooked on our unique format, and it will make you fish differently than you ever have before. Thank you all for taking a few minutes to read this and we look forward to shaking things up in the upcoming months. If you have tried your hand at Ocean Warfare, but not placed in the top 5 yet, now is your time to shine. Go after it!

Tight lines,

Alan Blanco
Team Ocean Warfare

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