Frequently Asked Questions

Ocean Warfare and IGFA World Records are updated at the beginning of every tournament. If there is a record set during a tournament it will not be used for scoring other submissions until the beginning of the next tournament.

You can submit 5 species per bag per month. You can upgrade/change your fish as often as you would like throughout the month to improve your score. If you haven’t reached the limit, just select the species and submit the new fish as you normally would. The system will automatically replace a smaller fish in favor of your larger catch of the same species. It will never overwrite an existing fish with a smaller one. In the event you have reached your limit, simply click the 'remove' button beside the lowest point scoring fish and submit your new catch.

No matter when you join you will always have at least the full term of your membership (Month, Quarter or Year) to compete. For example, if you join June 18th with a Quarterly Membership, your membership will be valid through August 30th. While we ship out your welcome package immediately, we understand that it will take a few days to get to you and we want to make sure that you have as much time as possible to submit your catches for the opportunity to win.

Absolutely! It does not matter which cell phone you include, but we do need the phone included to scale against your catch. (Please refer to the "How To" submission tutorial). We need to also clearly see the date and time the photo was taken. An unaltered, unedited photo is all that will be accepted. Any evidence of tampering will automatically disqualify the photo and fish submission.

Team Ocean Warfare is our group of affiliates ranging from high profile anglers to heavily followed social media pages. We offer great opportunities to those that can positively promote the OW brand. We look for individuals that live for fishing and/or spear fishing and want to do more in the industry. We will gladly speak to you in further detail if interested in the opportunity, so please visit our "Contact Us" page and let us know why you would be an asset to Team Ocean Warfare.

The Ocean Warfare point system is unique only to our tournament and was created specifically to allow us to fairly conduct a nationwide contest. Our system is simple, but is also the first that evenly levels the playing field so anglers can compete equally whether fishing offshore, inshore or off a pier. Instead of focusing on the overall largest fish, we use the current IGFA World Record length of each species individually to produce a percentage from your submission (Ex. If you submit a catch at 50" and the species WR is 100", your fish is at the 50th percentile of the WR). This percentage is now multiplied by 10 giving you 500 points for that individual submission. There is a maximum capability of 1000 points per submission even if your fish supersedes the WR. This is how you can win with an above average bag of reef or inshore fish against the offshore anglers with an average sized bag of pelagic fish. Quantity means nothing. It's all about quality.

The Ocean Warfare sponsor list is limited to the highest fishing / spear fishing brands in the industry. If you would like to discuss the possibility of joining the team, please submit your information via the "Contact Us" section of the website. Contact via the @OceanWarfare Instagram page is also recommended.

We encourage you to post as many Ocean Warfare submissions on Instagram and Facebook as possible. The recommended approach is to share photos of your actual OW submission with ruler, as well as, a photo of you posing with the fish submitted. Always tag @OceanWarfare on the photo itself, tag @OceanWarfare in the content section and add the hashtag #OceanWarfare. We will be reviewing posts daily to promote the biggest fish and best photography. Ocean Warfare social media outlets will only share content that is associated with the league. Member and sponsor content only.,

The answer is no, but this falls under the "Honor System" as there is no way for us to monitor that act. The only thing we can say is only one name will receive all prizes, social media exposure and bragging rights. If its worth helping a buddy earn all that to save the few dollars on your own membership, go for it.

Yes, except for the last day of the month when submissions are due by 11:59pm. Fish must be measured, photographed and recorded immediately after they are caught. We understand that phone reception or internet may not be immediately available, but fish that don't look freshly caught will automatically be put under investigation for validity.

Your Ocean Warfare "Welcome Package" will be shipped within 24 hours of purchasing your membership. As soon as it arrives, you have the green light to start fishing as the ruler is required for all OW submissions.

Your membership at Ocean Warfare will be revoked indefinitely and we have the right to press charges considering prizes are at stake. The intent falls under the act of stealing. We will also use the power of social media to make sure the entire fishing/spearfishing community knows of your failed intentions. We have software integrated into the website created with the sole purpose of tracking and identifying fraudulent submissions. The point..... Don't cheat!

We only require one photo per submission (Refer to Submission Tutorial), but you will want to save additional photos and video in case your catch is challenged for authenticity. Any questionable submission without additional backup will be disqualified. Be safe, not sorry and save additional photos/video as shown in the tutorial until that month competition is over.

Ocean Warfare is only available in the United States and it's territories (Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, Northern Marianas Islands). You are more than welcome to be part of Ocean Warfare and follow along, but you are not eligible for a paid membership, to submit fish or compete for prizes.

There will be five fish counted towards your point total per month, but you are encouraged to submit as many fish as you'd like. It's your responsibility to make sure your top five are posted with photos and information if they are to be considered.

You can replace fish as you please throughout the competition. If you have five fish submitted and catch a larger fish of the same species, simply enter the new fish data/photo and the list will update automatically. If you catch a larger fish which is of a different species not already on your top five list, delete the smallest submission and replace with your larger catch.

Please refer to our "Species" tab in the home page to see the full list of eligible fish.

The "Free" membership is available for anyone that would love to join Ocean Warfare purely for fun. You will have full access to the leaderboard to keep up with the league, but will not be eligible to submit catches or win our sponsored prizes.