Ocean Warfare's Handicapping System FAQ's

What is a Handicap or Handicapping System?

A handicap (system) is a method used to even the playing field between competitors regardless of their skill level, access to fish or fishing frequency.

I'm new or I've never fished another division I'm now competing in. When do I get my handicap?

Your individual handicap will be calculated once you have submitted (and had approved) FIVE fish for points. This only counts the fish that were used for you monthly points total, not the fish you may have replaced throughout the month in an effort to achieve the highest score. The handicap will then be calculated the following month. This will ensure that a baseline be established for the competitor per division. Keep in mind that if you submit three fish this month and two fish next month you will have a handicap on your third month. Your average is based on your total submissions not just the ones of the previous month.

How is my handicap calculated?

Your individual handicap is calculated monthly based on the average of your catches per division against the highest average catches per division and *multiplied by the Percentage Factor (*As of November 1st, 2018).

For example, If the high average is 700 points and your average catch value is 500 your handicap will be *100 points (*200 points multiplied by Percentage Factor of 50% = 100 Points) . This means that you will receive a bonus of 100 points per catch in that division. If you are the high average then your handicap will be 0.

Why are we using a handicap?

We implemented the handicapping system because we set out from the beginning to create a league for everyone to have a realistic chance to compete and win! We evened out the Species and knew that we needed to address user skill and access in order to make the league truly even. We understand that only a select few can realistically get out and fish more than a few times a month and we don't all have access to the best fisheries.