The Scoop on How to WIN.

We designed this League and its Tournaments to provide a level playing field between fisherman / spear fisherman, men, women and children and across all skill levels. Below you will find what you need to know to be successful on Ocean Warfare. If something is still unclear, please reach out by clicking here and we will do our very best to help!

Ocean Warfare Catch Calculator

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How the points are calculated

The Ocean Warfare point system is unique only to our tournament and was created specifically to allow us to fairly conduct a nationwide contest. Our system is simple, but is also the first that evenly levels the playing field so anglers can compete equally whether fishing offshore, inshore or off a pier. Instead of focusing on the overall largest fish, we use the current IGFA World Record length or Ocean Warfare Record (whichever is larger) of each species individually to produce a percentage from your submission.

For example, If you submit a 50" fish and the WR for the species is 100", your fish is at the 50th percentile of the WR. This percentage is now multiplied by 10 giving you 500 points for that individual submission.

There is a maximum capability of 1000 points per submission even if your fish supersedes the WR. This is how you can win with an above average bag of reef or inshore fish against the offshore anglers with an average sized bag of pelagic fish.

Couple the unique species calculation with the innovative OW Handicapping System detailed here and you'll see how the average angler can truly compete and win!

Simply put, Quantity means nothing. It's all about quality.

Where Can I Compete?

Ocean Warfare is only available in the United States and it's territories (Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, Northern Marianas Islands). You are more than welcome to be part of Ocean Warfare and follow along, but you are not eligible for a monthly, quarterly or yearly membership, or to submit fish and compete for prizes.

Step 1: Register for an account

In order to submit catches you will have to register for an account with a Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly Subscription. Your membership will unlock the restriction to submit your catches and give you access to features we will be rolling out frequently. You will be able to manage your membership and orders with an account on Ocean Warfare.

Step 2: Get Official Ocean Warfare Measuring Device

Next, you will need an Official Ocean Warfare Ruler in order to submit your catches. If you subscribed to one of the Paid memberships (Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly) you will receive a complimentary Official Ocean Warfare Ruler. We appreciate your commitment to us so we are throwing in a ruler on top of the discounted introductory pricing.

Step 3: Photograph Catches

Members must adhere to the Ocean Warfare Submission Guidelines in order to have their catches approved and counted towards their points total. The picture above is an example of how a submission photo should look. We also have an excellent video tutorial that covers all the details necessary for a successful catch submission below.

Step 4: Submit Catches

Here we see a picture of the screen where you will actually be submitting your catches. We have tried to make it as simple as possible to enter the information required and upload the supporting image as per the guidelines on this page. We understand that fisherman / spear fisherman like to keep their spots secret and we will never ask for GPS coordinates, however, we do ask for an approximate location of the catch (city and state, body of water, nearby park/marina will suffice). Keep in mind that we will only accept catches made in the United States.

Catch Submission Guidelines and Tutorial Video

The detailed Ocean Warfare guidelines are as follows:

  1. Photograph fish immediately after they are captured. Fresh is best. Fish that look like they were purchased at the local market will automatically be sent into investigation.
  2. The official Ocean Warfare ruler is the only ruler acceptable for submissions.
  3. Find a flat surface closest to where the fish was captured to properly display your ruler.
  4. Place fish directly on top of the OW ruler allowing for the bottom area of the ruler to remain visible. This will assure us the ruler is not folded underneath the fish being photographed.
  5. Place outermost point of the mouth at the strong black line shown directly after the OW trident logo.
  6. Measure to either the tip of the fork, or tip of the tail, depending on current species regulations. It is your responsibility to know proper measurement requirements and abide to those requirements for your OW submissions.
  7. Place a cell phone below your fish at the same strong black line where your measurement begins. We will use this to scale your fish to confirm accurate measurements.
  8. Click the cell phone home screen (brighten screen if necessary) to clearly display the time and date. You can also use our OW Time Stamp for this purpose. Pull it up on your mobile web browser and display it for your photo. This is extremely important as we must confirm your fish was caught within the month it was submitted.
  9. Take your submission photo from directly over your fish. Please make sure both ends are captured, as well as the cell phone. We can always zoom in when reviewing your submission, but we unfortunately can’t zoom out.
  10. You cannot edit or filter your submission photos in any way. No edited or filtered photos will be accepted as an OW submission towards prize packages.
  11. Lastly, although you are only required to submit one photo per species at OW, please take several backup shots in case they are requested of you for confirmation. Also, please take a quick video (as shown) to completely show your fish, your ruler, cell phone, surrounding and anything else that may help you prove your catch was legitimate. Keep it until that month tournament is over. It could be your savior!